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Photo: Maria Scheel

We are the Danish national committee of the Association of Early Career Scientists (APECS), which was revived in June 2020. We are an enthusiastic group of Master students, PhD students, post-docs and others sharing our passion for the polar regions and the science behind it. As the Danish branch of APECS we organise different events, such as workshops, webinars, outreach activities and networking events. We hope to establish a lively network of young scientists, promoting more exchange between different career stages and institutions.

Our aims are to:

  • establish a network between young scientists or anyone being interested in the polar regions
  • create a platform facilitating the exchange and communication of people from different career stages and institutions
  • spread information relevant to early stage scientists vie newsletters and social media
  • organise events such as career development workshops

Board Members

Sanne Moedt

Sanne is a PhD fellow at the Freshwater Biology Section at the University of Copenhagen, focusing on Arctic lakes and ponds in Greenland and their response to climate change. Her project seeks to extend our knowledge of how phytoplankton and microbial mat communities, which form the base of the aquatic food web, respond to changing environmental conditions.

Lisa Winberg von Friesen

Lisa is a PhD fellow at the Marine Biology Section at the University of Copenhagen. Her research is within the fields of marine microbial ecology and oceanic biogeochemical cycles. She focuses on nitrogen fixing microorganisms in the Arctic Ocean, aiming to better understand their regulation and potential ecosystem impact of their presence. 

Johanna Bürkert

Johanna is a PhD fellow at the Centre for International Law and Governance within the Faculty of Law of Copenhagen University.
Her project focuses on the role that law contributes in furthering socio-ecological resilience in the Arctic, with a specific focus on local socio-ecological systems.

Gregor Luetzenburg

Gregor is a PhD fellow at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on the drivers of coastal cliff erosion in Denmark and Greenland. By applying remote sensing data to investigate rates of coastal change along sedimentary cliffs over time, he is gaining insights into different processes of cliff failure.

Maria Scheel

Maria is a PhD fellow at the Arctic Ecosystem Ecology section within the Department for Bioscience of Aarhus University. She explores how microbial communities in Greenlandic permafrost change during abrupt erosion processes, using molecular tools such as transcriptomics. Furthermore she engages in mindfulness practice and education in academia.

Laura Halbach

Laura is a PhD fellow in Arctic Biogeochemistry at the Department of Environmental Science of Aarhus University. She currently studies microalgae living on the Greenlandic Ice Sheet and trying to understand their growth, nutrient uptake and influence on the ice albedo better.

Do you want to become part of our network?

There are many opportunities in how to become involved within APECS! Are you interested in joining us in organising events and share your inspiring ideas with us, and thus become an active member? Or do you just want to be part of the network but don’t spend so much time in the organisation of events? Either way, we would be happy to welcome new members and see the community grow! 

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